Pi Raspberry

Small-sized Processor , Long-term Storage

Pi Raspberry - Small-sized Processor , Long-term Storage

What Operating System Does the Raspberry Pi Use

The Raspberry Pi uses Linux kernel-based operating systems. Raspbian, a Debian-based free operating system optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware, is the current recommended system, released in July 2012. Operating Systems running, ported or in the process of being ported to Raspberry Pi are

  • Full OS:
    • AROS
    • Linux
      • Android
        • Android 4.0
      • Arch Linux ARM
      • Debian Squeeze
      • Firefox OS
      • Gentoo Linux
      • Google Chrome OS
      • Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix
      • Raspbian
      • Slackware ARM
      • QtonPi
      • WebOS
        • Open webOS
    • Plan 9 from Bell Labs
    • RISC OS
    • Unix
      • FreeBSD
      • NetBSD

Debian is recommended for default distribution as it’s straightforward to replace the root partition on the SD card with another ARM Linux distro if one wants to use something else. The OS is stored on the SD card. By default, it’ll be supporting Python as the educational language.